Custom blends made
just for you and your pasture

At Agrimix we work with you to design a custom blend that meets your needs while delivering pasture productivity and profitability.


Soil type, pH & fertility

Soil type, pH & fertility

Seasonal conditions

Seasonal conditions

Production goals

Production goals

Enterprise type

Enterprise type

Pasture improvement, yes it’s big but it sure is worth it

We understand, it’s a big investment but done right with the right seed, at the right time with the right equipment it’s worth it! That’s why we work with you to design a blend that best meets your needs and delivers on what you want to achieve.

We are here to discuss your custom seed requirements, get in touch with our Agrimix team today!

We are committed to product development to create superior
custom blends just for you

Pasture seed innovations from Agrimix, maximising yield and pasture performance

Science & research

Paddock scale


Multiple demonstration

Data collection

Flux towers, botanals, animal performance

Pasture optimisation

Understanding the interaction between new cultivars, grazing management, and improved pasture performance

Custom blends

Designed for
maximum benefit

Progardes Desmanthus

We can blend just about anything including Progardes®

Looking to get Progardes® Desmanthus into your pasture mix? We can do that! We can design a legume based pasture seed mix that will help improve your pasture productivity and profitability.

Other legumes and grasses your one stop shop

At Agrimix we offer a complete range of pasture seeds to suit a wide range of farming systems and environments. 

We are here to help you source your seed

Our team can help you plan your pasture improvement with custom designed blends selected just for your paddock