Australia’s #1 Desmanthus. Highly palatable, high in protein, large dry matter production, deep tap roots, nitrogen delivery and strong drought tolerance provides great productivity improvements and soil carbon sequestration. 

Agrimix can offer a complete range of pasture seeds to suit a wide range of environments.

Agrimix is developing a new way to quantify soil carbon improvements through better pasture and management practices. 

At Agrimix we work with you to design a custom blend that meets your needs while delivering pasture productivity and profitability.

Agrimix Assured Pasture

Agrimix, in conjunction with its partners, coordinates a full pasture renovation service from species and nutrient design through to implementation. 

Biological Innovations

Agrimix is continually innovating, investing heavily in applied R&D to improve grazing pasture outcomes. R&D project underway looking at new ways to increase productivity of legumes through rhizobia. 

Germplasm Development

Agrimix has an extensive R&D program underway to develop new legumes and tree species for pasture land across Australia.

Masters of Pastures

Adam and Jac Coffey

“Our goal was to improve soil health and provide better nutrition for our cattle”