Progardes® Desmanthus

Australia’s #1 Desmanthus 

Driving triple benefits - more pasture, beef and soil carbon

Progardes® is Australia’s #1 Desmanthus.

Highly palatable and high in protein. Progardes® contributes to increased animal liveweight gain. It’s large dry matter production prolongs the availability of high-quality forage and reduces the need for supplementation. Deep tap roots, nitrogen delivery and strong drought tolerance provides great productivity improvements and soil carbon sequestration. 

Our pasture seeds and Progardes® are now supplied by Selected Seeds. Please contact them for further information and sales enquiries.

High protein pasture

12-20% crude protein

Increased dry matter

More dry matter production compared to grass-only pasture

Drought tolerant

Long tap roots that can access moisture deep down in the soil

Increased botanical diversity

Improve soil health

Increased soil carbon

Nitrogen-fixing deep tap roots

Our super legumes give you superior results

Progardes®, Australia’s # 1 Desmanthus, is a pasture legume scientifically developed to improve and sustain your pastures. It is persistent, productive and palatable.

Progardes® Desmanthus is available scarified for seeding or unscarified for faecal seeding. There are three blends available, Central, Coastal and Southern, ensuring you get Desmanthus that’s best suited to your growing conditions.  

Progardes seed

Progardes® Desmanthus produces more kilos of dry matter per hectare with less water

Drought persistence

Withstanding drought stresses with Progardes® Desmanthus

Progardes® Desmanthus is a perenial pasture legume for Australian Conditions. It has proven to be persistent, palatable and productive and the pasture legume of choice in challenging conditions, for producers right across northern Australia. 

Please download our booklet for more information about using Progardes® to withstand drought stresses.

Keys to a successful
Progardes® Establishment

Please download our Establishment Guide for information about soil preparation, the best planting conditions and growing guidelines to establish the most productive Progardes® pasture.

Progardes®, backed by research, innovation and science

Our research is ongoing to increase our knowledge in pasture establishment and demonstrating the benefits of Progardes®.

With collaboration with leading research institutions spanning over 10 years Agrimix is proudly committed to innovation, backed by science.

What people say about Progardes®

How Progardes® improves your pasture

Hear stories from the experts on how Progardes® Desmanthus became part of the solution, from increasing liveweight gains, combatting pasture dieback to withstanding drought stresses.