A Psyllid Tolerant Variety Of Leucaena

Redlands Leucaena

Well suited for Northern Australia, particularly coastal Queensland where psyllids are present

With 15 years of research and development by University of Queensland with support from Meat and Livestock Australia, cattle grazing Redlands have demonstrated an average daily gain of .69kg – no different to those grazing the psyllid-susceptable variety Wondergraze. Other benefits are:

  • Increases carrying capacities
  • Reduces age at turn-off
  • Extends feedbase quality further into the dry season

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Top tips on planting Leucaena

Good management is key to success of Leucaena in northern grazing systems. Here’s some Top Tips from Leucaena Network on planting Leucaena

  • Leucaena shouldn’t be planted in areas where rivers, creeks and flood channels can disperse seed pods or seed.
  • Keep leucaena at least 20m away from external fence lines and maintain a buffer strip of strong grass pasture between leucaena plantings and creeks or boundary fences.
  • Fully fence leucaena paddocks, and graze or cut leucaena to keep it within the reach of animals.
  • Minimise seed set and chemically manage any ‘escapes’ with Access®.


Follow the full Code of Practice, available at www.leucaena.net