Progardes® Desmanthus

Australia’s #1 Desmanthus 

7 reasons you should choose Progardes® superior desmanthus

  1. Progardes® is the result of over 20 years of scientific research and innovation. We’ve collaborated with leading research institutions to develop a pasture legume scientifically proven to improve and sustain your pastures. Progardes® has had decades of breeding and selection in some of northern Australia’s harshest environments. No other Desmanthus has anywhere near this level of breeding evolution. The result is a genetically superior Progardes when compared with other Desmanthus on the market.
  2. Controlled trials have proven the superior performance of Progardes® over other Desmanthus.  A NSW DPI trial showed Progardes® produces three times more dry matter per hectare with less water than the other leading Desmanthus variety.  
  3. Progardes® contains a variety of Desmanthus cultivars, with blends selected to suit the specific conditions of your land. This helps it grow during wet and dry seasons, unlike single cultivar desmanthus which doesn’t suit all seasonal conditions. Improved productivity and persistence means a better ROI.
  4. No other Desmanthus is as widely tested as Progardes®. Research is ongoing, for example recent trials with CSIRO showed that the quality of Progardes® silage is as good as lucerne!
  5. Increased animal live weight gain. Numerous trials have shown that the high crude protein and palatability of Progardes® leads to faster and greater weight gains for your livestock.
  6. Progardes® deep tap roots improve drought tolerance and are nitrogen-fixing for increased soil carbon.
  7. Research by CSIRO shows Progardes® can reduce methane emissions from cattle by up to 10%.

Ready to see how Progardes® can transform your pasture performance? 

High protein pasture

12-20% crude protein

Increased dry matter

More dry matter production compared to grass-only pasture

Drought tolerant

Long tap roots that can access moisture deep down in the soil

Increased botanical diversity

Improve soil health

Increased soil carbon

Nitrogen-fixing deep tap roots

What people say about Progardes®

How Progardes® improves your pasture

Hear stories from the experts on how Progardes® Desmanthus became part of the solution, from increasing liveweight gains, combatting pasture dieback to withstanding drought stresses.