NAB/Deloitte Climate Action Report Highlights Agrimix Pasture Innovation

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“All Systems Go” report provides a roadmap for Australia’s transition to a net-zero economy

New research commissioned by NAB identifies four key economic systems that need to transform if Australia is to achieve net zero by 2050 –  energy, raw materials manufacturing, mobility and food and land use.

With the support of NAB, Agrimix is proud to be at the forefront of industry research and innovation working towards a more sustainable future for the food and land use sector. 

Our drought resistant Progardes® Desmanthus legume, developed in partnership with researchers from James Cook University, is helping greenhouse gas mitigation by drawing more carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in the ground.

Research also shows that Progardes® can reduce enteric methane emissions from livestock by up to 10%.

"This isn’t just talk or politics, what he’s doing with this product (Progardes®). This is real people, a real family making some real difference in the way Australia’s moving forward with their greenhouse gas emissions."

The “All Systems Go” report will be used to help harness support and drive necessary change in governments, business groups and industry. You can read more about the industry transformations creating Australia’s new low-emission systems from page 33 of the report.

ABOVE: Interviews with Agrimix Director, Nick Kempe and Associate Professor David Rowlings (QUT)

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