Masters of Pastures – Justin Kirkby, Gravesend, NSW

Justin Kirkby

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It all starts in the paddock. With every great purpose comes passion…and challenge!


The challenge from the start was cost – Justin Kirkby started 20 years ago with nothing. He leased a farm for four years and finally saved enough for a deposit and bought his first farm of 700 acres, then eventually expanded with a neighbouring block another 1500, which is where they are today.


The establishment of pasture on his farm has been tricky. From the start, Justin had a pretty good winter base but really poor summer legumes and so he decided to move entirely away from any chemical inputs. In his journey to try and resolve the pasture performance, he chatted with Greg at Westec in Barcaldine, who introduced him to Progardes®.


“Although we are always learning, we have now built excellent diversity into our system to fix our nutrient transfer,” says Justin. 



Justin Kirkby – Gravesend, NSW

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