Meet Jeff York from Acres Rural Supplies, Rolleston

Jeff York

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Jeff York

Co-owner & Agronomist

Acres Rural Supplies, Rolleston 


Well-known Rolleston agronomist Jeff York lives and breathes life on the land. 

Starting his 30+ year career at Primac, Jeff moved on to Elders for a further 13 years before co-founding Acres Rural Supplies. For the past 11 years, Jeff and his team have been providing all the essentials in animal health, seed, fertiliser, fencing and general merchandise to the Rolleston area.

A decade ago, pasture run down issues saw Jeff researching better legume options to combine in predominately grass pastures. Trusting the science behind the development of Progardes® Desmanthus, Jeff became one of the original suppliers of the seed way back in 2012.

Jeff, in your experience, what are the top 3 reasons to consider Progardes®?

“Well, over the past 9 years, I’ve found that the most outstanding qualities of Progardes® are that it’s tough, it’s persistent and it’s palatable.

I’ve seen it thrive in both alkaline and neutral clay-rich soils and adapt to all sorts of harsh conditions. Sheep and cattle actively seek out Progardes® so this, combined with its high protein content, has a noticeable impact on animal live weight gain.”

Jeff is happy to answer any Progardes® questions you might have – just give him a call on 0488 333 887.

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