Meet Kylie Fourie from Tara Rural Supplies

Kylie Fourie

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Kylie Fourie

Agronomist & Farmer 

Tara Rural Supplies, Tara


When she’s not flat out in the paddock chasing mice and weeds, Kylie Fourie is one of two agronomists on staff at Tara Rural Supplies.

Kylie has a wealth of first-hand knowledge from her years of experience farming on the Western Downs.

Tara Rural Supplies has been owned and operated by the Gunther Family for 18 years now, servicing farmers, smallholders and householders in the Tara and surrounding areas. There are two agronomists on staff – Andrew Gunther and Kylie Fourie. Both are farmers as well as agronomists, with more than 30 years of experience farming on the Western Downs between them. Both Andrew and Kylie love to recommend Progardes® Desmanthus in pasture mixes!


We encourage producers to plant Progardes® because:

  • It is very easy to establish and is often the first thing out of the ground, beating the grasses up!
  • Once established it is very hardy and sets a lot of seed, so re-establishes quickly each spring from both seed and existing plants.
  • It grows in all sorts of soils, from heavy brigalow melonholes to light creek soils. It even grows in the sodic patches that nothing else will establish in.
  • The extra protein that Progardes® provides the animals helps them make the best of the subtropical grass pastures that we are pairing it with.
  • Progardes® works well for both sheep and cattle operations.


“Tara Rural Supplies has been working with Agrimix since 2015 – a great partnership that works well and we would now have more than 18,000ha of pasture mixes in our area with Progardes® included” says Kylie. 


Kylie is happy to answer any Progardes® questions you might have – just give her a call on 0429 032 218.

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