Meet Michael Taylor from Midwest Rural Traders, Wallumbilla

Chloe Kempe, Brand and Research Program Manager, Agrimix

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Michael Taylor

Midwest Rural Traders, Wallumbilla


Michael and his family have spent decades trialling different methods to improve their pastures to achieve higher beef productivity.

Michael is a man of many skills; he also runs Midwest Rural Traders – the local rural merchandise supplier in Wallumbilla.

Midwest Rural Traders was established in 2006 after seeing the need to have an outlet for rural retail in the community.


Why Michael uses Progardes®:

Having spent my life on a property north of Wallumbilla working with my father Viv and brother Rowan, we have always tried to improve our pastures with sustainable species, to ultimately gain higher productivity of beef.

In the mid-1980’s we planted some of the early cultivars of Desmanthus and Stylos to see how sustainable and frost tolerant they were. Here we are some 30 odd years later and they have proven to be the only strongly sustainable legumes that we have found.


We encourage producers to plant Progardes® because:

I have been using Progardes® now for quite a few years and even through some terrible years of drought and very low rainfall they have survived.

As a result of seeing the proven sustainability, it seems only logical to promote the sales of such a great legume to our customer base.

I have seen time and time again farmers trying many different legumes that simply will not sustain. I recommend to our customers – just plant a species that will sustain so you can get a return on your investment.


Michael is happy to answer any Progardes® questions you might have – just give him a call on 0427 033 780.

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