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Ross Newman

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Ross Newman

Agricultural and Pastoral Consultant Gracemere Veterinary Surgery, Rockhampton


Why choose Progardes®?

Despite some of the driest years on record around the Rockhampton region, we have seen Progardes® Desmanthus not only successfully establish, due principally to seed scarification and the sheer number of seeds in its bare form, but also continue to provide green leaf while most of the grasses were standing still.


What benefits to productivity or performance have you seen using Progardes®?

Following years of grass monoculture, our ageing soils and tired pastures need persistent, productive and palatable legumes so that we can continue to be at the top of our game. Whilst there is always a risk of failure when planting any pasture seed, with the production results we have seen from the inclusion of Progardes® in our pasture systems, I can foresee greater investment in seeding equipment in the future, ensuring the continued success of establishing such a small seed in a big world.


Ross, what are the top 3 tips to successfully establish Progardes®?

  • Right soils
  • Right equipment
  • Right time


Ross is happy to answer any Progardes® questions you might have – just give him a call on 0419 200 373.

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