The Dirt: Issue 01

Justin Kirkby

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Welcome to The Dirt – digging up all the latest news from the Agrimix team and partners, as well tips on how you can improve your pasture! 


Masters of Pastures 

Kicking off with the first of our Masters of Pastures series. Introducing you to Justin Kirkby, who shares how he has regenerated a run-down farm bought in 2005, to all perennial pastures!

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Super seed facts you must know 

Did you know Progardes® Desmanthus is a perennial plant? So once you have it established, it’s there – virtually forever!!

Get in touch and talk to us about what you need to know about Progardes Desmantus establishment!


Reseller feature – Ross Newman

Agricultural and Pastoral Consultant, Ross Newman, talks about all things Progardes! By investing in good quality pastures you are securing longevity and positive results.

“Progardes® Desmanthus continually provides green leaf while most of the other grasses stand still…”

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