The Dirt: Issue 02

Queensland Agricultural Seeds

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Welcome to The Dirt – digging up all the latest news from the Agrimix team and partners, as well tips on how you can improve your pasture!


Masters of Pastures 

Meet Adam and Jac Coffey from Boreelum Station near Miriam Vale. Looking to improve soil health and provide better nutrition for their cattle, Progardes® was the perfect choice!

“None of our alternative legumes are as sought after by cattle as Progardes”

-Adam Coffey, Coffey Cattle Co

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Super seed facts you must know 

Did you know Progardes® Desmanthus deep tap root system can grow past 1 metre deep in the soil?  This means it can access deep moisture and nutrients out of the reach of more shallow-rooted grass pasture species.


Distributor Feature 

Queensland Agricultural Seeds (QAS), Toowoomba

QAS specialise in tropical and sub tropical pasture seed, legumes and forage crops.

“From northern NSW to central QLD, our customers are telling us that Progardes® Desmanthus is easy to establish, persistent and productive

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