The Dirt: Issue 05

Beating Pasture Dieback 1

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In issue 5 of The Dirt we tackle pasture dieback, take a look at the results of a 3 year NSW DPI pasture trial, meet Progardes reseller Michael Taylor and highlight upcoming events. 


Beating Pasture Dieback with Progardes® 

We’ve put together some useful resources for those concerned about the devastating effects of pasture dieback. Click through to see: 

? How Injune graziers, Brigid & Owen Price, are managing pasture dieback
? How you can recognise dieback in your pasture
? Insights from Stuart Buck, Senior Agronomist at DAF
? Other useful resources and articles




Reseller Feature

Michael Taylor, Midwest Rural Traders, Wallumbilla

Along with his father Viv and brother Rowan, Michael Taylor has spent decades trialling different methods to improve their pastures to achieve higher beef productivity.

Michael also runs Midwest Rural Traders – the local rural merchandise supplier in Wallumbilla.

Read more about Michael and see what he has to say about Progardes® and its impact on pasture productivity here:

Michael Taylor Midwest Wallumbilla


Research Results

Water dynamics and herbage production of temperate and tropical pasture species in Central West NSW

DPI Desmanthus trail results graph

Data from a three-year NSW DPI trial (Toole et al., 2019) showed Desmanthus virgatus cultivar JCU2, one of five Desmanthus cultivars in the Progardes® blend, was the top-performing tropical legume. The results showed year on year increases in dry matter production (t DM/ha) and water use efficiency (kg DM/ha/mm).

Download the full report here


Carbon Neutral 2030 Program

Online Webinar by MLA’s Margaret Jewell

8 – 9 pm,  20 October 2021

The Australian red meat and livestock industry has set the ambitious target to be Carbon Neutral by 2030. This target means that by 2030, Australian beef, lamb and goat production, including lot feeding and meat processing, will make no net release of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions into the atmosphere.

Carbon Neutral 2030

In this free webinar, MLA’s Margaret Jewell will take you through:

  • The benefits to beef producers
  • What is being done to achieve this target
  • What has been achieved by the industry to date

Register here 

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