Groundbreaking Pilot Study of Progardes® for Silage

Results are in – Cattle enjoy Progardes silage,  the “Lucerne for the north” In what may well be a world-first, JCU plant breeder Chris Gardiner and Dr Ed Charmley and his team at CSIRO’s Lansdown Research Station have conducted a new trial on the use of Progardes® for silage. We sat down with Chris and […]

New Agrimix Demonstration Site in Casino

Leading the way in pasture research, Agrimix has established a demonstration site in Casino, NSW, showcasing a variety of grass and legume species. The aim of the demonstration site is to show producers and agronomists new, old and upcoming, the latest seed technology from the industry. The demo site will showcase both tropical and temperate species […]

Measuring Soil Carbon Changes in Real-time a Step Closer with $3.2M Government Grant

Farmers are a step closer to accessing low-cost soil carbon data thanks to a $3.2 million Commonwealth Government grant. Stage 1 of the research study into soil carbon measurement saw Agrimix and QUT soil scientists collaborating to establish a network flux towers across Queensland and Northern New South Wales. The towers have been remotely measuring carbon […]

JCU Researchers Trial Progardes® Silage in Hopes to Fill Northern Feed Gap

Researchers aim to close the dry season feed gap for Northern Australian beef cattle farmers  Adding value to Northern Australia’s beef cattle industry greatly depends on an increase in the availability of high-quality, conserved forages. Fodder legumes, such as Lucerne, are not compatible with the neutral to alkaline clay soils and the seasonally dry environments of […]

CRC-P Research Update: Peronne Station

John & Ann-Marie Cowan chat to researchers at Peronne Station

Project Name New Pastures to Increase Livestock Productivity in the North. One of the goals for this CRC-P research was to identify and evaluate different methods to establish Progardes® Desmanthus in northern Australia. Site Peronne Station Hughenden, Queensland Site Background Land type: Gidgee/Boree Average annual rainfall: 475mm Aerial view of Peronne Station The 420ha paddock was cleared […]

NAB/Deloitte Climate Action Report Highlights Agrimix Pasture Innovation

“All Systems Go” report provides a roadmap for Australia’s transition to a net-zero economy New research commissioned by NAB identifies four key economic systems that need to transform if Australia is to achieve net zero by 2050 –  energy, raw materials manufacturing, mobility and food and land use. With the support of NAB, Agrimix is […]

Science-endorsed toolkit will transform measurement of soil carbon

Agrimix’s scientific research study into eddy covariance flux aims to reduce soil carbon measurement cost by 90 percent In what is being hailed as a major milestone for Australia’s agricultural industry, Australian owned agricultural technology company Agrimix has announced it is on track to deliver a scientifically backed, state-of-the-art toolkit which will dramatically reduce the […]

Utilising Legumes to Fix Nitrogen for Pasture Production

Urea price rise

Soaring Urea price leads to increased adoption of legumes in pasture – here’s why: The last several months have seen a dramatic increase in the price of urea – effected by China banning the export of urea to Australia and the Russian/Ukrainian war. The high urea price has led to discussions on how to utilise […]

UNE partner with Agrimix and CSIRO for important new Drought Resilience project for Northern Australia

Project: Overcoming the knowledge gaps. Who: UNE in collaboration with Agrimix, JCU and CSIRO. What: The University of New England successfully secured a Drought Resilience Innovation Grant from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund. This project focuses on increasing grazing system resilience during drought conditions. Why: The project aims to equip producers with the skills and confidence […]

Beating pasture dieback with Progardes: a case study

Beating Pasture Dieback

ABOVE: The Prices run offsets across areas of pasture dieback in preparation for planting Progardes® Desmanthus. (Photo: Rob Price)   The problem  Livestock naturally avoids grazing on dieback affected grasses, so the condition can drastically affect productivity. Like so many graziers across Queensland and Northern New South Wales, Brigid and Owen Price have experienced first-hand, the […]